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Women’s World Cup 2023 Wallchart

There’s good news and there’s bad news!

The good news is, I’ve illustrated a new wallchart for the upcoming Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

The bad news is, due to me being snowed under with lots of lovely paid illustration work (good news for me!) I’m not going to have time to get them printed and spend a couple of weeks taking orders, rolling them up into tubes and posting them around the world.

The sort of in between news is that there is a high resolution file of the wallchart here which you can take to your Quik-e-Printer of choice and get them to print one out for you (I’m going to get a few done at A2 size for my daughter’s football team).

The artwork is free for you to print out and the only conditions I would apply are: 
• Don’t sell them, they are for individual use only
• Please share them on social media 
• If you could, by way of a thank you, please consider donating to the Luton & Dunstable Hospital Neonatal Unit here (Please reference ‘Elliott’s Wallchart’ if you do and read on for more info) https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nicuappeal

Since my first project back in 2010 for the World Cup in South Africa, we have raised over £36,500 for the amazing hospital that cared for my daughter. Saying she had a traumatic introduction into the world would be a huge understatement. She needed to be resuscitated at birth and was put on a new cooling mat treatment at the Luton & Dunstable NICU - (I’ve just read this account from a parent who went through a similar experience, I only managed to get through the first paragraph before I started welling up). My daughter is now 14, plays football herself and has also been lucky enough to witness the upturn in Luton Town FC’s fortunes since she first start watching them with me back in 2014.  Thanks in advance to everyone who donates, if you want to be an extra amazing person you can do me a massive favour by sharing this page on your social media of choice. 



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