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Saturday 16 July 2011

Happy B'day

An idea I had for a Birthday card – toilet humour (kind of)

Friday 8 July 2011

Faces on badges

I noticed the deadline for the stereohype annual badge fest was fast approaching so I thought I'd sneak these three faces under the wire so to speak.

Get Stuffed comedy logo

This is a logo I drew quite a few years back for Get Stuffed which is an excellent comedy club in Tring. If you're wondering why the logo is made of stuffed animals, that's because Tring's other main attraction is this bonkers museum full of stuffed animals (and hence the side-splitting strap line).

The reason I've decided to put it on the blog now is because I've just finished an eight week stand-up comedy course culminating in my first gigs in front of actual paying punters. Read all about it here. The first two of my four planned gigs went well but then I got a call to say my partner had gone into labour with our second child and was now fully dilated so I had to make a 30 minute drive to hospital to get there in time for the birth - I did make it but only after driving like Steve McQueen (except in a Toyota Yaris!)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the two sets I did manage so I'm hoping to do more soon but if you're ever in the area check out Get Stuffed as they attract some great established and up-and-coming acts and their Tringe Festival is currently in full flow with some top nights still to come.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

A new season awaits.

The fixtures for next season have been released, hard to believe it all starts again in just over a month. Here is a short post (written before Claude left) detailing exactly what I would like from the Town next season over on fellow illustrator, Debra Orton's blog. Above is a picture of Sir Michael of Harfordshire just because.

Sunday 3 July 2011