Thursday, 3 February 2011

Zombie Valentine's Linocut

Now available to buy as Tshirts from

Cruising my local Clinton Cards in the weeks before Valentine's Day I noticed a cavernous gap in the market. There are all sorts of slushy teddy bear and bunny rabbit cards available but I couldn't find any that feature reanimated corpses or internal organs being eaten.
As I was sure that there must be a huge market for this kind of card I immediately set about rectifying the situation through the medium of linocut.
Pictures of the process (I'd forgotten how laborious linocutting is not to mention how high the risk of hand gouging is) along with the three finished hand coloured prints can be seen below.




  1. These are great, my only problem is which one to make for my boyfriend :)

  2. My boyfriend and I are total Halloween freaks so these are just perfect for me to send to him for Valentine's Day.

  3. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing the images. If I saw these for sale I'd buy each of them. I guarantee there is a market for these (on Etsy in nothing else).
    Thanks again!

  4. I know a few and many of my friends who'd love this stuff

  5. I just love that and wrote a blogpost about it :) It's in german but I think it doesn't matter, this stuff have to go around the world! ;)


  6. These are so beautiful, they're gonna make my girlfriend giggle, thx!

  7. Thank you so much. My 10-year-old daughter wanted to give zombie valentines but we couldn't find any at all. Now she can make her own that aren't too bloody.

  8. I found your blog via, Mental Floss. Glad I decided to check it out. The Zombie valentines are wickedly cool!

    Thank you!

  9. I like it a lot.
    From the business perspective I see the same opportunity, the cards available on shelves are at least strange, all pink nad gold.

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